HACCP Auditor Training


Training Objective

This course provides introduction and understanding of the HACCP Internal Auditor standard. Participants will be able to understand the methodology of document drafting.


Training Participants

HACCP Awareness and Implementation training is designed for anyone who involved in HACCP Internal Audit practice.

The maximum participants are limited to 20 pax per session.

HACCP Certification Training malaysia-2-01

haccp INTERNAL AUDITOR training 

Course Content

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What You Get

Day 1

  • Defines objectives
  • Overview of HACCP Standards
  • Technical understanding of the core principles
  • Audit planning, preparation, execution, reporting and follow-up
  • Audit scope and audit criteria
  • Stages of the audit process : planning, collecting, meetings, observation, reports and verification.
  • Collecting objective evidence
  • Preparing audit reports and closing audits

Day 2

  • Mock internal audit of facilities and process
  • Application of principles learned on Day 1 in the real-world setting
  • Workshop
  • Q&A Session
  • Learning Outcomes


Course Structure

The HACCP Internal Auditor training includes lectures, exercise and workshop sessions.


Training Duration

HACCP Auditor Training session will take 2 Day from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. The course can be held either In-house or Online.


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